Roni World is an American actress/singer-songwriter who started as a model. She rose to stardom in the mid 2000s. Roni is known for her debut album “Listen to the Words” which featured the hit song “Without U” that was independently released from her own record label Classy But Cautious Entertainment. The Shreveport-born chameleon, has already earned the title of a go-getter by accomplishing her goals on her own.

Roni first realized she was a gifted writer through the tons of poetry she would write about love, life, and lessons learned. The poetry became music lyrics and history in music writing began.

Honing all the confidence, class and breathtaking range of emotion that put her at the epicenter of the independent world, Roni poured everything into her dream.

It is Roni's ability to completely wrap herself around a song and revealing a depth and knack for storytelling that sculpts a landscape worthy of the singer's entire repertoire of emotions.

Roni's biggest challenge may be maintaining her label, but if you take into account her drive, awe-inspiring talents and unlimited enthusiasm, her biggest challenge may just prove to be her greatest success.