Geronica Lee Moffett is an American Writer and Director from Shreveport, Louisiana. She is a graduate from San Diego State University majoring in Computer Science but her creativity went from creating programs to creating scripts from her imagination of a world she would like to see.

She began her entertainment career working behind the scenes on acclaimed TV shows such as Pitch on Fox, This Is Us and Castle. She knew then that filmmaking was her destiny so she decided to study filmmaking at New York Film Academy Los Angeles. She excelled in her class where viewers of her work were shocked that she was new to filmmaking. At that moment she knew she found her calling.

It is Geronica's ability to completely wrap herself around an idea and revealing a depth and knack for storytelling that sculpts a landscape worthy of the filmmaker's entire repertoire of emotions. If you take into account her drive, awe-inspiring talents and unlimited enthusiasm, her biggest challenge may just prove to be her greatest success.